Friday, May 1, 2009

Were going biking!!!

I don't really know what got into lazy ol' me lately, but I've had this urge to work out. *Gasp* I know, right? I mean come on, anybody who knows me, knows how anti working out I am. But I was on this kick for a while to get a wii fit. Of course I changed my mind though, or I wouldn't be me. I've been dying to have a bike. Yes, a bike! But not just for me, for the kids too. I have it in my head that the kids and me will be biking through the summer to random parks and having picnic lunches. Cheap, almost all day entertainment.... and I guess some exercise would come of it too.

So of course I tell THE MAN about my wild and crazy, "hey let's buy everyone a bike" idea. What does the man do? THE MAN shuts me down! Okay, it really wasn't that dramatic, but he told me what we could afford, and it just didn't seem like it was going to happen. But..............

On one of our coupon excursions today, what did I find at walmart for $69? A shiny purple mountain bike screaming at me, "I'M IN YOUR BUDGET!" When something screams out that loudly, you just can't ignore it. I found somebody to drag it down for me, jumped on it, and it was mine!

The girly got a helmet and pads yesterday. Tonight I'm thinking of going to the other walmart (this one didn't have any), and getting her a bike carrier so we can start biking. Yay! And I'm going to put some bikes on layaway for the boys, that way they'll be out by summer. Cheap summer fun, here we come!

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