Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Weddings are expensive

Ask anyone who knows me, like really knows me, and they'll tell you I'm not your average female. I don't dream of big expensive weddings, or do normal girl things (at least not always), I'm simple and plain, and don't like being the center of attention. I guess that's what sets me apart on this topic. We were married at the courthouse, went to the mall after and played some video games (and air hockey), took some pictures, ate at black angus, and went home. That was almost my dream wedding.

Anyways, the reason I'm even bringing this up is that we had dinner with little Ray's nino and nina last night and they asked big Ray to be the best man and me to be a bridesmaid. But holy holy! Their getting married on a yacht in the bay area, and having an open bar. I just can't fathom spending that type of money on one day, but maybe that's the frugal person in me or tightwad if you will. So here's to watching my pennies!

Friday, December 26, 2008


Merry Christmas! I would have gotten on earlier to write that, but well..... Ray was being a computer commando. It happens when his wow game gets interesting again. So that being said, it only figures that our son would be the same way lol. Lil Ray is a wii commando, and can often be found laying his claim as first player. Yeah, video games are big at our house!

So, on to the more important stuff. I just want to say that I'm very grateful for the friends and family I have in my life and that of my childrens. I couldn't have better in real life and online friends than the ones I have now. And for that I'm humble and grateful. I know it sounds sappy, but eh that's me. Sappy McSapper, otherwise known as Jess.

The kids made out like bandits, when we truly did not expect anything this year. It was amazing to watch them! Scotty brought over 3 huge bags of toys for the kiddos, Kandy got them some dvd's, my mom got them *gasp* guitar hero (for the boys) and a power wheel type toy (for the girly), Timmy and Tanya got them random super heroes and a wii game (for the boys) and a cash register with food (for the girl), and Mikey got them mario party 8 (boys again, and notice the pattern here) and a ride on giraffe (girly). And this is still without the mother in law having visited yet!

So with all that loot, I was found today scrambling to find places for all these toys. Oh, and making christmas dinner! I decided the best place was on the side of the couch still wrapped in their packages. At least until we put the tree out for recycling, then we'll have some freed up room to expand the toy box(es). And, I don't mean to toot my own horn (okay yes I do, otherwise I wouldn't have brought it up) but my ham came out so darn juicy! Were full from all that ham and mashed potatoes. Tim and Tanya loved it too!

We had a long busy day, but a great one at that. Thanks to all of our friends and family for stopping by and just being in our lives!

P.S. I kick butt at wii bowling, and it's only a matter of time before I master guitar hero! Boys, duck and cover!

Sunday, December 21, 2008

I went off course

The other day my dog got out. I groomed him way too short and he ended up naked, I never claimed to be a groomer; I'm just to poor at the moment to afford a real one. My bad, but to fix the situation I made him a festive holiday coat.

My dog was shaking under a park bench when my mom (the hero of the day) found him. That's how I got sidetracked from my magic christmas crafting. Grooming the dog, making a dog coat and then crying while frantically looking for my missing Willy. Yeah, that's his name; Willy. I wasted a few hours doing that, and I'm wasting a few more spending time on the computer. I could kick my own butt right now for all the time I'm wasting. I better be done by christmas is all I have to say to myself though.

On a good note though, each day gone by is a day closer to the arrival of my nephew Dominic! I'm in the process of finding just the right fabric for my sister's baby, to make him the best little baby goth wardrobe. I hope she likes what I make him, and I hope I get tons of pics of him in his stuff.

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Back to school

It's been a 2 week process, and I was afraid I wouldn't get any good classes or classes that I needed. But lo and behold, I got classes I needed! So come Febuary I will be taking music 114, economics 101, biology 145, and history 104. I'm super happy, can you tell?

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Fa la la la la

Tis the season for all crafters to go mad lol. Okay, well maybe just the last minute crafters like me! I've been working on quite a few projects all at once for the kiddos, and I'm pleased to say I'm almost done with some of them.

First up on the to do list is this great spiderman afghan for Orion. I found the directions/pattern for it here in case anyone wants to try their hand at one. I'm about halfway done with it, but it's very time consuming and somewhat hard on the hands so I take frequent breaks. There's that and the fact that I can only do it after 8 at night, when the kids are in bed. I can't wait to see what he thinks of it!

Then I'm working on some crochet dolls for Ollie and the nieces. I'm thinking of felting them though, so you won't be able to see any of the stuffing through them. And I'm going to sew them clothes to wear instead of crocheting them. Here's the link for the dolls , I'm not making a raggedy ann doll just a regular one.

And last but not least, I'm making some stockings for the kids. My boys will get elf boot stockings, and Ollie and the nieces will get ballerina shoe stockings. I'm done with 2/3 of the ballerina ones, and have the elf ones cut out and ready to be sewn. Here's the link for the ballerina shoe and the elf boot .

I'm also making each kid a pair or two of pajama bottoms. Oh and some ispy bags for the boys. The bags I'm just going to sort of flub together. And all of the stuff for these gifts cost me less than $20! I waited till Joanns was having some sales, and I used 2 50% off coupons and got some great prices, go me.

So other than all my projects, I have just enough time to catch up on a tad bit of sleep. So forgive me to all my friends who have not heard from me, I am m.i.a. until I finish all of these things. I will check in with everyone soon!

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

sew enthusiastic

This year were having us one of those new christmas'. I'm quite excited about it. It's going to be one of those christmas' where we won't buy any presents, but oh yes, there will be gifts! I will be making them though, and that's what will make it a great christmas. I hope this will help my kids forget about the commercialism of christmas and remember that it's about God, family and the spirit of giving. So for my mother and sister in laws, we will be making them soaps and if there's time a nice tree skirt embroidered with their last name. My mom will get a rag quilt with some of her favorite things. Our nieces will get handmade stockings with pajamas and a doll in them. Our boys will get different things. Raymond will get a hollowed out secret book to keep his treasures in, some pajama bottoms, a stocking stuffed with i spy bags and some other undecided stuff. Bobby Orion will get a crocheted spiderman afghan, some pajama bottoms, and a stocking stuffed with i spy bags. Olivia will get a rag quilt of kitties galore, and a stocking stuffed with a little purse and a doll.

I can't wait to see their faces when they open their gifts! And I know they will love them because they know how hard I work on each of my things. Even though the gifts will be from "Santa". Well, I'm off to get some of our gifts done!

Friday, December 5, 2008

College Bound...... again!

Yesterday was my aunts 30th birthday. In 2 weeks I will be 27. This got me thinking about life and career choices and all that jazz. It made me realize that I don't want to wake up one day being 30 and not having anything to show for my life. I know I have my 3 beautiful kids, but I want to finish my degree. I have some units already under my belt, and I've decided to put them to use.

Starting in spring I will be going back to school. I'm quite pleased with myself, and can't wait to get started. Ray, my mom and my kids are all rooting for me. I know it won't be before or even at 30, but by the time my baby goes to 1st or 2nd grade I should be in my career choice. Which might I add I can't wait for! So here I am today a stay at home mom and a few short years hopefully I will be a math teacher.

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Sew sew

I feel like it's been a while since I've updated my blog, but in actuality it hasn't been that long. I have been super busy though and that's what's been keeping me from posting. My boutique thing is this coming Saturday, and today well, today is Tuesday! It's like I can feel time slipping through my hands and it's crunch time. I still have so much to do, and not enough time to do it in. And forget trying to get things done during the day, that's near impossible these days. I have orders to fill, kids to take care of, a house to keep track of, and I'm swimming in christmas fabric.

One of these days my head is just going to explode with the list of things I need to do! So for now I guess this little blog will suffice. Once I get the rack I will update with some pictures of the stuff I've been working on. I think their pretty incredible.