Sunday, December 21, 2008

I went off course

The other day my dog got out. I groomed him way too short and he ended up naked, I never claimed to be a groomer; I'm just to poor at the moment to afford a real one. My bad, but to fix the situation I made him a festive holiday coat.

My dog was shaking under a park bench when my mom (the hero of the day) found him. That's how I got sidetracked from my magic christmas crafting. Grooming the dog, making a dog coat and then crying while frantically looking for my missing Willy. Yeah, that's his name; Willy. I wasted a few hours doing that, and I'm wasting a few more spending time on the computer. I could kick my own butt right now for all the time I'm wasting. I better be done by christmas is all I have to say to myself though.

On a good note though, each day gone by is a day closer to the arrival of my nephew Dominic! I'm in the process of finding just the right fabric for my sister's baby, to make him the best little baby goth wardrobe. I hope she likes what I make him, and I hope I get tons of pics of him in his stuff.

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