2011/2012 School year

I'll be adding in our books as I buy them, and adding in reviews of them as we use them. We decided to homeschool year round, so we'll be starting the next grades in June after a weeks break.

I bought 1 complete set of level 1, and then an extra student material packet, 2 packets of letter tiles, and 1 complete set of level 2. I expect my oldest son to breeze through level 1, so I bought level 2 so we won't have a lag and have to wait.

Wordly Wise 3000 books 5 and 2. My oldest is very advanced, and will be in the 5th grade, so I feel he'll be fine jumping into a new program. My youngest boy struggles reading, writing, and spelling, so even though he'll be in the 3rd grade I think it'll be fine starting him out on book 2. If he progresses faster, than I'll just buy book 3 :)

We joined a facebook group dedicated to swapping flat travelers and state boxes, and I'm taking that opportunity to teach my kids about United States geography. We started out by reading this book, and already shipped out our 2 travelers :) We plan on using the travelers, along with some worksheets I find on the internet to do this on the cheap.

Story of the world volume 1. So far we only have the book, but I plan on buying the activity book as well. I'm even debating on buying History Odyssey and using that as well, but we'll see. Either way, we'll need this book.

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