Saturday, March 19, 2011


Rats of Nimh that is :) Seeing as how my children are kinesthetic and visual learners, and they needed to learn how to compare and contrast things to write papers; I thought it would be fun to start with movies. We started at the beginning of the month by watching the original version of Witch Mountain, then the newer version, and talking about the differences. I wrote down the differences on our white board, as the kids noted them. I used a simple Venn diagram to show the differences, and similarities.

Next we moved onto one of my childhood favorites: Mrs. Frisby and the Rats of Nimh

This time were reading a book first, before we watch the movie, so our compare and contrast will be more thought provoking. To make sure their paying attention, (but because I'm sneaky about it) I've been having them paint/draw/sketch their favorite part of the chapters that we read each day. It's working out great!

My Bunny is painting the rosebush that the rats live in.

 Orion is painting the rat carrying a black cord to the rosebush.

 Raymond is painting the rats carrying the cord to the rosebush.

Were halfway through the book now, and I have the movie "The secret of Nimh" (it's based on the book) ready to be sent out next week from netflix. The kids have been so captivated by this, and have been literally begging to read 3-4 chapters per day, so I've already lined up another book and movie after this one. I think I might keep this going using as many of my favorite childhood books as I can remember.

Our big science project that we've been working on lately, well.... hasn't really been much of a project.
We've been trying to grow crystals, emeralds to be exact, and it's just not working lol. I think I might have mixed it wrong, or maybe our water wasn't hot enough? Ugh, it's quite fustrating, especially when you have 3 children journaling the event and every time we check on it, it looks the same. I'm ready to toss in the towel, and label this one our first science fail :( I bought a backup project to start, but sadly when I went to gather our supplies, a cat who shall remain nameless *ahem* Ninja *ahem* had broken 2 of the clay pots I bought to plant flower seeds. I'll make a trip to the store next week and pick up some more to start then.

On a different note, the books I ordered for History next year (June for us) arrived, and the kids can't wait to get started. Orion poured through all of the books, and begged to start early. That made me so happy, because usually it's quite difficult to get him so interested in history... I think I made the right choice :) I'm still missing the story of the world activity guide though, so we'll wait till June to get started, since I buy our books a little at a time.

Other than that, we've been trucking on as normal around here. I'll be back in a few days to share a post about progressive phonics. I've been using the alphabetti series with Bunny for 3 weeks now, and she can read a few words, and sound things out on her own now. Orion is using the intermediate series, and I'm surprised at how well he's able to retain the sounds. He's doing so much better using these books than hooked on phonics, it must be the repetition and all the activities. But more on that later!


Lisa said...

Great ideas!!!! Love your blog! I am now following you :-)

Lisa said...

What a great idea !!! I'm enjoying your blog and am following you :-)

PrettyGirlInAPlaceLikeThis said...

There are several excellent tips on different ways to grow crystals in the book "Dangerous Book for Boys" We used it and it worked. You might want to check it out from your library.

We used one that grew them on a string in a glass.

The Adventurer said...

I have my kids read books classic and then we watch the movies and compare. Almost always my kids will say the movie is not as good as the actual book which makes me so happy:) Right now we just finished Swiss Family Robinson and plan on watching the movie tonight:)

BTW I joined the swap and am signed up to do a box next month very excited:)

Jessica said...

Thanks everyone! I'm going to have to check that book out and re-visit growing the crystals. It's driving us nuts not knowing what went wrong lol. Thanks for the recommendation!

I've always loved Swiss Family Robinson, so that's on my list as well. I'd love any other recommendations you have!

PrettyGirlInAPlaceLikeThis said...

We were actually reading Swiss Family Robinson when we did our crystal growing activity. It is a great book for a Unit study, it has so many things that you can do science on!

Trish Hackett said...

fun blog! I am now following you. I am getting followers for TOS too. Please follow me :)