Sunday, October 24, 2010

Weekly wrap up

We had a short week this week, because we went trick or treating with our homeschool group on Friday, and our butterflies emerged on Wednesday (we'll have a whole post with more pictures, when we let them go). The butterflies have been our main focus right now, but we did get a few things done.

We started the week with a Halloween art project, making witches hands! Super easy and fun to make. Have children trace their hands on green construction paper, and cut them out. I pre-cut a bunch of small triangles in different colors for nails, and my kids just glued them on. Together we took a black marker and drew lines on the hands to make them creepy. The kids loved this!

After observing the caterpillars on Tuesday, the kids painted and made books about the butterfly's life cycle. They came out amazing!

Olivia worked on the letter E this week. Big and little E sort, and E lacing.
She also did an E collage, where she stamped the letter E with some stamps that start with E. She made stamps with elephant tracks, earth's, and envelopes.
Bunny also practiced her cutting skills, using her Kumon first book of cutting. She really loves her Kumon books, and we use them every other day. I highly recommend them, especially if you have a child who's particularly not interested in cutting, coloring, or tracing.
To practice her counting and numbers, we brought out the bottle caps and cards. The bottle caps I made using water bottle lids and number stickers, and the cards I downloaded from Shannon's totschool.

We also worked on patterns using the pattern blocks and cards. Thanks to swagbucks, these were totally free!

The kids also worked on designing their own pumpkins. Super cute activity! And they had so much fun trying on different faces, before committing to gluing them down.

The boys still had their "normal" subjects to complete, just a bit more relaxed this week. Check back in a few hours, and I should have the downloads available for our new games!

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See Jamie blog said...

What a fun week! :)

Amy Friendlyshoe said...

Very cool blog. I stopped by from Jamie's weekly wrap up.

Shannon said...

It looks like you had a great week. I am so glad you were able to use the counting cards!

Giggly Girls said...

Lots of halloween fun!

We love raising butterflies. Such fun. I can't wait til my tot is old enough to understand so I can redo a lifecycle craft that my oldest loved.