Saturday, October 2, 2010

B week

The first few weeks of school have been hard for my Bunny to adjust to. Yeah, that's why were barely on the letter B, and number 2 :) I think it's partly my fault too lol, I was giving her too much work. I had to tap into my days of preschool teacher and remind myself of the short attention span (when not watching a movie), the lack of writing skills (when not writing on my walls), and well.... everything preschool again!

I found some learning games, and mixed it in with some stuff I already had, and this is what came out of this week (highlights really):

We (alright, I) finally got around to putting together her morning board. I still have a few more tags to make for the months, shapes, letters, and numbers, but I ran out of velcro dots :) Some of the stuff on our board came from homeschool creations, while others I just typed out the words and made them different colors. I have to double check where the song came from though :(

The big B, little B sort from Creative Learning Fun. She loves this game so much, she ended up doing it three times!

Lacing the letter B. Please ignore the fact that she's not wearing pants, it was hard enough to get a shirt on her lol. For the life of me, I can't remember where I downloaded them from, and they have no writing on them, sorry.

A bee made with her own hands. I glued a popsicle stick to the back of it, and she flew it around the house, hence the ripping. This came from dltk-kids, I love that site!

So that's what we did on the preschool front this week, mostly anyway. I promise I'll get better at this and remember to take more pictures while their working, and hopefully next week second and fourth grade will be added on too!

preschool corner


Heather H said...

Very cool Jess. I think I'll have to make some lacing and sorting stuff for Kit too!

Jessica said...

I've posted links to a lot of the stuff we have. And I'm trying to get better at writing down web addresses as I download and save stuff. Trying to make it easy on everyone :)