Monday, October 25, 2010

Mission of the month

Mama Jenn has started a neat little goal, that looks like it really motivates others, and ... who doesn't need a little motivation at times? I know I do, especially around the holidays when it gets really busy. What a great way to stay on track.

My mission for November is
      make a few more games  for the boys
      get a bit more organized with our school stuff
      do more hands on cooking with the kids

The boys have been loving the hands on learning with the games, so I need to look ahead through their books and decide on a few more topics to make games about. It takes me a few days to make the games, and it would be nice to have them made and already ready to go, when they need them. Our school stuff looks organized, when really, the shelves are bursting at their seams and there is no real order. It makes sense to me, but when I ask anybody to get me something, they can never find it. And the kids love baking with me. I don't think I've ever heard about kids being so excited over black spotted bananas (this means banana bread), except at our house. During the winter I bake a lot anyways, so I just need to make sure I include them into the baking. Wish me luck, I know I can do it!

Mission of the Month

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LaToya said...

Cooking with your boys sounds like fun. I have been meaning to do more cooking with my boys (4 and 2). Maybe next month!!

Good luck!