Friday, October 15, 2010

Is it a chrysalis yet?

We've watched for almost a week now, as our itty bitty caterpillars have nearly doubled in size overnight, every night since we've had them. The kids are loving this, but driving me insane in the process, because they aren't changing fast enough for them. This morning their all hanging on the top of the container, so hopefully soon we'll have some chrysalis pictures to show.

Everyday the kids fill out an observation page, by drawing a picture and writing about what they see happening. Then we do some sort of butterfly craft (sorting life cycles, making caterpillars, painting butterflies, etc.). See the little container in the middle of the boys? Yup, those are our bugs!

Here's what our observation sheets look like. I can't find the link, but I got them from the scholastic website, in a section with butterfly resources. This is Orion's page, and forgive me because I can't figure out how to turn my picture, so sideways it stays :)

From right to left, Orion's, Raymond's, and Olivia's water color painted butterflies. They had fun doing this.
Boo Boo is still loving hooked on phonics, and I really feel like it's helping him. He does still have a hard time remembering sound blends and guesses at words a lot, but I think that's due to the dyslexia. Were still working out some details to have him tested for it.

Bunny is working on the letter D and number 4 this week. I really need to get better at taking more pictures as the kids work. We started with big and little D sorting, letter D lacing, reading Dinosaur Roar, making a dinosaur egg, watching the movie Dinosaur, and some number 4 grouping.
She also loved doing the paint brush color matching with this awesome file folder game. Ignore the Pomeranian under the table, he was chasing the cat :)

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