Saturday, January 3, 2009

La Brea tarpits and page museum

Yup, that's where I took 4 kids by myself yesterday, to the La Brea tarpits and Page museum. It was freezing (for us in CA anyway), so we ate our packed lunch in the car. Lunch alone was nice, we cranked up the music and heater, and the kids happily scarfed down their lunchables. Ollie squeezed her capri sun all over herself, so that required a change of shirt before we could head off. Me being the dufus I am, I parked in the wrong parking structure which put us in the middle of the clock at the art museum. So we practically ran to the other end of the block (where our museum was), in the cold, with 1 kid in a stroller and 3 kids trailing all around me.

I haven't been to that museum since I was a kid, so I didn't really remember it. I wish I had though, cause it was SMALL. It wasn't enough to fill our day with, so we only stayed about 2 hours. That or I should have thought about a back up plan. It was educational though, and my kids made me beam with pride when they answered the docents questions on our guided tour. Oh yeah, we took the guided tour of the tar pits when we were done with the museum. We only got halfway through the tour though, because Izzy isn't like my kids and found herself bored. She got really loud with her bird noises and was trying to distract the boys from listening, and it was cold out anyways, so I decided we'd head home. I don't have the best of pictures from yesterday though, because almost as soon as we got there my batteries started dying and I forgot to bring more.

The boys loved playing in the tar! They had theses poles that were in tar that you can try to lift them up, and they were varying sizes. The skinny poles were so easy to lift out of the tar, but man those wide ones were a problem. The docent later told us it was easier for animals with skinny legs like deer to get out of the tar than animals with wider legs like the mammoths.
My last point of interest was the dire wolfs. The docent said that at the Page museum they had over 4,000 dire wolf fossils and it's still growing everyday. After that she also said how the Page museum has the biggest collection of fossils in the world. That's pretty neat! So here's a collection of dire wolf skulls that they had on the wall, it's crazy to see how many there are.
Oh, at the museum they had these cool animatronic things, I was so proud that Ollie wasn't scared of them. The mammoth moved his trunk and made noises. The sabertooth and bear(?) moved their paws and mouths and made noises. They were pretty neat to watch. All in all it was a victory. I left with 4 kids and came back with 4 kids. Because I don't have an okay from Izzy's mom to be posting pictures of her, here's my 3 that made it back safe and sound.

Most of them slept the whole way home, except Raymond. He's my co-pilot on our little excursions and likes to read the mapquest directions to me. I really don't know what I'd do without mapquest, honestly I have no sense of direction.

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