Sunday, January 18, 2009

Girls night out

Friday night I had a girls night out with some mommy's I met online. I know how horrible that sounds, but I swear there was no danger. I had that reminded to me by my sons nino. Apparently Raymond told them that we went to met mommy's online friend (it was a mommy and her little girl at a crowded mall), and he didn't specify that we had met another female. So yeah, it looked really fishy lol. Anyways, it was a mommy meet up only and I had a blast!

I can't lie and say I wasn't nervous, because I was. I'm not the social butterfly I used to be, and well, meeting new people hasn't happened in a long time. These ladies were so friendly though that it was like I've known them forever. I was the oldest one there, but wasn't followed to far by a 24 year old. We had a few drinks, and smoked some hookah (flavored tobacco). It was my first time smoking hookah, and I felt out of the loop and old for not knowing what it was lol. Oh, and you know the old lady (ME) was the first to go home too. I was super cold and don't tolerate it well, so I had to go home and warm up.

I still had a great time and met new friends, which made it all worth it. And one of the girls made the most amazing mini cheesecakes, so I had 2! I'm glad I grabbed some stuff to make dip with too, because that was all gone by the end of the night as well. I had the best friday night I've had in a long while and I hope we get together soon. Thanks for that ladies!

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