Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Kaiser Day

So yesterday I kept the boys home from school, they sounded horrible! I feel so much better and so does Ollie, but my poor boys. So since we were fit ins we had to sit around and wait for them to fit us in. We were there from 11:30 in the morning till 4:30 in the afternoon, and I think it's fair to say that I hope I don't see the inside of Kaiser for a while.

Turns out Raymond has a bad ear infection, a lot of chest congestion and his horrible rattling cough. He got antibiotics for his ear, and some claritin to loosen his chest. Bobby is fine she said, other than his asthma acting up. But he got a refill for his inhalers for home, another face mask, and a spare inhaler to keep at school.

The best part about waiting all day to see a Dr is when they criticize you and make you feel like a bad parent, yeah that's the best. She basically told me that I have never taken Raymond for a physical since we've had Kaiser (we got it in 2006), and that I was wrong for that. As nice I could, I told her that I had every year since 2006 and even before. Of course she had to try to prove me wrong, because she looked over his records in her office, so she turns the computer screen to me to show me and finds the appointments for his physicals. But yeah, where is his appointment for 2009? Then I'm bad for not bringing him in more than his physicals, because the medication he's on needs to be monitered for weight loss. Again, I politely told her that his psychiatrist weighs him every time she dispenses him his medication for that very reason. So then her attention goes to Bobby. Bobby is missing his physical for school. Um, no I brought him for his physical a month or two before September. And he's missing shots. Okay that part I admit to, because well I don't feel he needs all of them at once. So yeah I refuse to let them poke him more than once at each appointment which has set him back but he still gets his shots, and he's only missing 1. Then we go to Olivia who's not even seeing her today (er yesterday). Why isn't Olivia up to date with her shots? Because I choose not to, my choice as her parent. She doesn't need a shot for chicken pox, I had chicken pox and I'm fine. I choose which shots I want her to have, and as a parent it's my right. But yeah I'm a bad mom.

Needless to say, I'm switching them Dr's!

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