Saturday, November 7, 2009

Sweater progress

I've been making great progress on Orion's Link sweater. I'd probably be done already, if each section didn't need so many coats of paint. I have to lay it on pretty thick, and paint about 3-4 times, and give it drying time between coats. Orion loves waking up every morning, and coming home from school and seeing how far I've gotten. I love seeing the look on his face!

Here's Link with his tunic in progress.

And here's Link holding half a shield, his sword handle, and the missing part of his hat filled in. The other half of his shield is grey, but I'm not adding that until I'm ready to put in the grey details on the sword. That way, my grey tones are the same shade.

Link's getting some skin here. After his skin is all done, I just have to add the details of his shield, then I'll be ready to fill in all the details. The details are his eyes, the shading, and lines that define his face, legs, and all that jazz.

A few more sections, a few more layers, and I'll be ready for the front!!!

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