Thursday, November 5, 2009

F.A. needed now!!!!!

F.A. being fabrics anonymous lol!!! Yes, I admit, my stash is overflowing with fabric. But what's a girl to do when the ladies at walmart save me the best of the fabric that seems to be going fast, but they know I would love? Because truth is, the ladies at walmart know me too well lol. They know what colors my daughter would look amazing in, and they set aside for me. And I always happen to have an idea of what pattern I'll use for each fabric! Plus, I don't know anyone who can pass up super cheap fabric.

So here's a few pieces of fabric I pulled out of my stash, to go with some amazing patterns I have in mind. I'm kind of sad that the true color of this fabric didn't show up well in the photo, but that's what I get for using a cell phone. It's really a rich burgandy, and the lines are a charcoal/black color. I plan on using this to make the girl's christmas dress. I plan to use one of my favorite patterns, the precious dress, and add a black tulle skirt underneath to poof it out and peek out from the bottom. I think I'll add a big black sash to give it the perfect look too!

Then there's this amazing dragon fabric I've had forever. It's a beautiful tourquoise color with a great sheen. I'm not sure what type of fabric it is, maybe a thin brocade, or a sari type of fabric. I picked it up for $2 a yard in the walmart clearance section. I'm going to use a great new look (6333) pattern for this, and make a kimono top and matching pants.
This fabric is in a green tone, and will look amazing with my daughter's green eyes.
I found this great shop on Etsy, Heidi & Finn. They have the cutest patterns you ever saw! Of course I bought a few, and the dark solid green fabric will turn into a pair of girly cargo pants. The designed fabric will be turned into a matching blouse to go with the cargo pants. I'm going to use Simplicity 2627 view B, the girly blouse. I may lengthen the sleeves though since the weather is starting to cool down some.

I also have this great fuzzy fabric (again a mystery blend of sorts), and a soft suede like fabric.

I wish I would have bought more of both fabrics, because their so lovely it was hard to decide what to do with them. But after seeing Heidi & Finns patterns, I decided on an adorable cardigan. If there's any fabric left over, I plan on making a skirt. How cute will that outfit look?

I hope to cut into some of this fabric sometime in the coming week, so check back soon!

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