Saturday, September 11, 2010

First football Games!

Yup, we spent the day at the park today. It was a long tiring day, and I think the girl and I wore the wrong outfits lol. We had to be at the park at 7 in the morning, and it was freezing! I wore sweats, a sweater, and was still cold. I put my daughter in jeans, and a white shirt that said the teams name. About noon, the sun came out and it was so hot, I about melted. My daughter played in the dirt, and was so filthy. I hope it doesn't stain her shirt.

I watched the games with my daughter, while my husband worked on the field. It was a fun day, and the bonus is that both my boys won their games!

Orion had the first game of the day. See all the fog? And the bleachers were soaking wet! We emptied out the boys bag (the duffle that holds all their gear), and sat on that to avoid being soaked.

Raymond watched his brothers game and cheered for him every time he was on the field. Oops, I guess he sat on the bleachers lol.

This was Raymond's game. Notice the weather change? And my awesome husband is wearing the bright orange vest on the field, doing his duties as MPR. So those were their first games, and were hoping for a great season. Go Wolverines!

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