Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Aquarium of the Pacific

Today we had a field trip to the aquarium. We went for homeschool days so it wasn't all that busy, which was nice. The kids got to touch so many things, and they had people all over that had additional learning centers. The learning centers are usually only available to public schools, but since it was homeschool days, we got to see it all too! I hope the kids don't get too used to so many field trips, but then again it is nice to get out of the house and still learn. Here's a little bit of what my kids did at the aquarium:

"Home" school of fish ha ha ha!

Watching a diver in the tank.

And gave him a quick high five when nobody was looking (except for me lol).

My babe read out everything that was in each tank to the others, he's so sweet!

They each touched a bunch of sea creatures, including sting rays (in 2 sizes). Of course I wasn't even brave enough to touch the sea plants let alone the sting rays lol.

They touched whale baleen, skulls, jaws, and talked to this guy for 30 minutes about whales. My kids were very thorough in their questioning :)

And of course we sat and watched diving birds, otters, and seals swim. We also got to watch a movie about otters (so sad), and 4d movie about a sea turtle (we highly recommend it). It was a good day :)

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