Saturday, August 14, 2010

Travel town

Today we went to a birthday party at Ttravel Town in Griffith Park. It was sooo hot, but we had tons of fun. I was kind of on edge while we there, because there were so many bees, and Orion is allergic. Thankfully, I brought our little medi kit, complete with his epi pen. The kids had a blast doing birthday things (hitting the pinata, singing, playing games, and of course eating cake), and we had a blast walking around and looking at all the trains.It's crazy how huge they are, and you never really notice... until your standing next to a wheel bigger than you are!

And how we've lived in the area all our lives, been to Griffith Park every year since our kids were born (to see the christmas lights), and have never been to Travel Town.

So we piled into all the trains we were allowed in, and took tons of pictures! Well, mostly Daddy did, because I wore a dress and coming down from the trains would have made Travel Town X-rated lol.
The whole birthday party took the train ride together, too.

And that made all the kids happy!

I didn't want to post actual pictures of the party, because there were other children besides my own in them, and I just felt weird about that. The kids are already excited to go back, hopefully with some educational material in hand so we can really get the full effect of it all!

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