Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Disorganize to Organize

I should have taken pictures of the process, but let's just say that what I was looking at was beyond scary. Anyway, the last few weeks, we've been preparing our house for our new venture into homeschooling. I did most of it on my own, because the hubby works so much (and football practice for the boys runs a bit late for us) he's only home long enough to eat dinner, shower, and sleep.

I started in the garage, and cleaned off our old kitchen table. Our house is really small, so the kids have been eating on a small children's table, and us adult folk have been using t.v. trays. The little table we've been using for the kids is too small for them to spread out and work on, so I had to bring out the big one. Our house and garage have been a huge mess the last few weeks because of all this. Anyway, I put the big table in my living room (which stood there for about a week and a half), then cleared out the corner that my sewing stuff is in, and put both the little and big table in the corner.

Back in the garage, I had to find a place for all the stuff I cleared off the big table, find places for all of my sewing stuff (machines, fabric, and notions), and make room for all of our school supplies and books (2 shelving units worth). I cleared out a lot of things we no longer need, stuff that broke when the dogs got in there, old strollers, so there was lots of trash.

Today, one of our boxes from Abeka (the books we chose for mostly everything this year) came, and the other is due in tomorrow. Once I get all the books together, I'll have to go through and make our lesson plans. I'm ordering math mammoth through a co-op, so we won't be doing math for another few weeks (until I get the CD in, and have copies made for the boys). I also ordered superstar speech for Orion (he has a diagnosed speech delay and articulation issues), and am hoping this helps us to help him.

I'm hoping to start school next week, since we already have our first field trip planned for the week after. The rest of this week though, will be spent cleaning the rest of the garage, getting our house into order, and meeting up with our homeschool group. Ice cream social, here we come!

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