Monday, August 23, 2010

Football.... Go get some!

Raymond and Orion started football. I'm nervous and scared at the same time. I'm not an athletic person by any means, don't understand any sport, and am petrified of my boys hurting themselves. I'm trying so hard to be a good sport about this, but well.... it's terrifying! I go back day after day (5 days a week), drop the boys off at the park (with the in laws), pick the husband up at work, drive back to the park, we stay there till about 8:30 p.m, and are home about 9 p.m. Our days are long!

Raymond does well in practice, doesn't complain or cry (which is my Babe's core personality trait lol), and is even excited to go back day after day. Orion.... meh, not so much. Orion messes around a lot during practice, and we think it's because it's flag football, and not the tackle kind his brother is playing. Maybe next year he'll take more of an interest when it's his turn for tackle. Orion's taken more hits falling off the bleachers (note to other parents: cleats have no grip on metal bleachers) than he has playing football, that reminds me that I need to keep that kid far away from the bleachers from now on. He is making friends though, and that makes me smile :)

Raymond gets to wear lots of pads to practice, and looks so adorable in his little get-up. All the pictures I have are of Raymond, because well.... if I post any of Orion, you'll see him standing around, playing in the dirt, flipping his jersey up, and yeah... you get the picture! I'm hoping we'll get tons of pics of Orion once the games start, cross your fingers!

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