Thursday, December 27, 2007

Go bears!

So I finished the Chicago bears blanket late on Christmas eve. But the point is, I finished it (yay)! I think it came out pretty good, even though I wanted to do more detail on it. I really wanted to embroider the bears face (the logo really) in the middle of the blanket, but it wasn't coming out good at all. So I ended up doing a small embroidery of the "C" in one of the corners. I feel really good about this project, especially since it was my first blanket. It took me about a month to do, and ended up being as big as me. So as promised I'm posting a picture of it. I don't have a link to the pattern, I got it out of one of those $1 Bernat baby books. It's a basic granny square though, with a sc trim in orange.

Now, my hubby's wristwarmers came out fantastically. But of course, he didn't really care for them. Well at least for out in public. He chose the yarn, and then complained about how it came out looking like ladybugs, lol. Go figure. He wears them in the house, good enough for me. I guess I had a higher hope for them helping him with his arthritis in the early morning hours at work. Oh well. I'm putting up a picture of these as well, and here's the link to the pattern for them

So now that Christmas is over I have a few other projects that I need to work on. I have to get started on making some baby socks for my friend Heather, and a baby set (beanie and mitts) for my friend Becca. Those should be fast projects, and of course I'll be posting pictures of the finished items with links to the patterns.

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