Thursday, December 20, 2007

Christmas Gifts

Christmas is now 5 days away, and I feel so rushed. Not only am I trying to finish the blanket for my stepdad, but I'm trying to make my husband some wrist warmers and a matching beanie. Thankfully the wrist warmers and beanie work up quickly, and I'm almost done. I'm hoping the wrist warmers make it a little easier for him to work this winter, since he has athritis but still needs to use his hands/fingers. But I think I'm going to short the blanket and just make it a throw, and I'm still going to embroider it with the Bears logo. *Sigh* I feel like I won't have it all done by then. I know the logo is alot of work. Also, I can't decide whether to do the trim on the blanket as a regular row (in orange), or as a single crochet row. Decisions, decisions.... I'll post pics of my christmas gifts as soon as their done. Peace, love, and hapiness!

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