Tuesday, November 16, 2010

modifications and migraines

Sorry I've been m.i.a for the week, I had a lot on my plate. Tuesday I had Orion's SST meeting (that I've been crazy preparing for), then it was the sit and wait game. At the meeting we talked about making modifications for dyslexia, and it was pretty much what I've been doing with him. Wednesday afternoon we got the call that they indeed are going to evaluate him for learning disabilities, and I was supposed to go back on Friday to sign consent to evaluate forms... but yeah I started not feeling well. I'll write more about the meeting soon. Saturday morning Orion was throwing up, so we missed his football, and in the evening my husband took my Babe to his game. My sister in law picked me and the Littles up, so I can help her and my mother in law get ready for cheer competition on Sunday.

Sunday, I spent the day at cheer competition, and as we were heading home my head started hurting. I took a migraine pill, and didn't feel any relief :( About an hour later I took another, and tried to lay down to rest. I got up 10 minutes later, because my eye was throbbing.
This is me, when we got to the hospital. The whole right side of my face was swollen! Then we started hearing scary words like meningitis and stroke. Not good :( They gave me a cocktail of benedryl and compazine, which only made me sleepy and barely took the edge off of my migraine. I was so sleepy I said it was good enough (since it was now at least tolerable, and I wasn't blubbering like a baby), and we left. Monday wasn't spent any better, since I started feeling the pain in my head again. I left the hospital with a prescription for more compazine, and took that. It really doesn't help any :(  As of now, it's tolerable, but I can feel it building up. I have an appointment tomorrow with a new Dr (since our insurance switched), and hopefully I'll feel some relief soon.
And here's a nifty picture of my arm after my I.V. See the paper under my arm? That's the next printable I'm working on, Fry's first hundred words!

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