Thursday, October 30, 2008

PTA Carnival

So today was a super busy mom kind of day. You know those days. The kind of day where your running late and would forget your head if it wasn't attached to your body kind of day. Yeah, that was today.

We were 20 minutes late to school. I think that should have been my first sign that it was going to be a long day. Then I had to try to chase around Miss Priss while trying to cover game booths. Did I mention that this was not easy? Then we had to decorate the booths. Trying to be all sleuth like I strapped Priss into her stroller first. But low and behold, my height was against me this time. I was too short to hang the decorations on my booth, even standing on a chair. That's the part I don't dare tell the husband, yeah he'll make fun of me till the end of time for that. Anyways, genious me goes and stands on the booths little bit of siding that I could. That was scary! The whole thing shook and I felt like I was going to tumble to my death (okay not really, but it would have hurt). The whole day after the set up is a blur. It was a mix of telling Priss to get off the dirty floor, get that out of your mouth, and telling kids I ran out of that letter. My boys had a blast, and I think they liked bringing their friends by the booth to say "hey, this is my mom."

So thanks to the pta for an eventful day. Thanks to the cafeteria for a dry sandwhich. Thanks to the sun for relentlessly beating down on me today. But all in all, thanks to everyone there for making it a great day for the kids!

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