Wednesday, October 15, 2008

I hate money

There's never enough of it around here. I feel so lame lately and useless. I'm not used to only being at home anymore and I feel like a hermit. I miss working, it was a huge part of me. Yes I'm content with all the crafting time I've been getting in lately, but it's not the same. And not working is causing all this wonderful stress about paying the bills and such. Grand isn't it? So I've been on this huge pity party lately, and feel like a failure. Like I let my kids down. I hate feeling like I'm at someone's mercy. It's that feeling like when your a kid and you did something wrong, when your mom catches you and you feel your stomach sink. Yeah, it's like that feeling 24/7 lately. I can't sleep, and I've lost my appetite. Ugh, I'm at a loss here. I've been praying alot lately too, for something to happen. I need a miracle here! Actually, I just need a job. Out of all the resume's I've sent and applications I've filled out, someone call me. Back to the sewing machine and glue gun.......

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