Thursday, October 16, 2008

Yay hospital visit

It's always Orion! I feel so bad for this kid, he's the most accident prone of the 3. I'm just waiting for the day he breaks a bone, this kid is just..... ahhhh. So the boys were wrestling around, doing their normal stuff and O get's knocked to the floor. He stands up and there's just blood streaming down the back of his head. Of course me being me, I calmly get a rag and press it to his head. I call Big Ray to hurry home and start getting stuff for the kids together. That's me on the outside. Now on the inside, HUGE difference! I was freaking out, I thought he was going to bleed to death. We get him to the hospital, and they glue him shut. So now he gets to stay with me tomorrow to be under my watchful surveilence (did I mention I was watching them rough house?) for a few days. And I've chosen to sleep with my boo boo to make sure he's fine through the night.

So score another battle scar for my babe! I hope he doesn't look like mince meat by the time he's a teenager!

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