Wednesday, November 12, 2008

No sleep, all sew, make me crazy!

Lately I've become quite the little insomniac. How you ask? Well, it all started with some fabric. I found some super cute skull fabric, and had this huge brainstorm of ideas. My mind raced at the thought of all the possibilities that can come from this fabric. And that, is what sparked my insomnia.

I have this brainchild idea of adorable little babies and toddlers running around in appropriate punk baby attire. Not raunchy, grungy punk; but classic punk. I've been busy writing ideas down, drawing designs, drafting patterns, but mostly sewing. I can't sleep! Even at 5 in the morning when I drag my sorry self to bed, I can't turn my mind off. I want to get it all out of me, so I can sleep. The perfectionist in me wants to rage on. Hurry up Jessica, get this line out Jessica. People are going to love these clothes Jessica! Yeah, that's how I pump myself up.

So far I have all my patterns drafted, some are cut and ready to be sewn; while others still sit on paper waiting to wow somebody. It's not all about the money mind you, but more for the thrill I get when people actually think my clothing is worthy of buying. I get a rush. And I've put so much thought and all my skills into this line, that I'm starting to worry about failing. Yes, people can tell me that it looks good and I'll believe them, to a point. BUT you know your work is really good, when you have people lined up wanting to buy it. I know there's a difference. I shop. I can say, "oh that's cute, " and pass it by, but when it's really cute I have to buy it.

So here I sit rambling on at 1 something in the morning, when there's pants to be made, and fabric to be cut, and adorable punk babies to be made. I'm trying to talk myself into going to bed, because the boys have school in the morning. And with that, I leave you with my rock princess dress. Enjoy!

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