Saturday, September 6, 2008

One of those weird moods

So lately I've been doing a ton of thinking, and I've come to the conclusion that I've changed. I can't say it's for the better, but I'm different. I get sick of all the high school drama that some adults bring, it's MADDENING!!!! Some people just don't grow up. At work, there's so much tension between the girls and talking behind backs. Then there's the whole talking bad about other girls to the customers. I feel like I have to be everyone's mother and always be the voice of reason. Geez, just grow up already!

I've even begun to feel like I've outgrown a few of my friendships lately too. Things just aren't the same. I've found myself resenting comments that they've made, not just towards me, but towards other friends. And everyone is so adamant that their right, everyone else is wrong; and it comes off as really pushy. I don't like pushy, to each their own. I'm really tired of the whole tit for tat aspect of some friendships I have either, and I find myself distancing from them. I feel somewhat free now, even though I feel guilty for doing it. I know mentally though, it's the best thing for me. Okay, that's enough of my moral ramblings.... I'm getting off my soap box.

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