Friday, October 30, 2009

Turtle turtle

Is my dog not turtle-y enough for the turtle club? Lol, sorry I had to! Today I started and finished our dog Willy's costume. It came out just how I envisioned it would! My favorite part is that it worked up super quick. I used a dog pattern as my base and went from there. Simplicity 2839 , I used the pattern for the cow and lion, and just used the colors I needed instead.

First I made the base in a light green fleece, and the hood in a yellow felt. Needless to say, Willy was not amused.... yet. Then I cut out some white felt eyes, drew the pupils on with black sharpie, and glued them on with tacky glue. As you can tell, tacky glue is a favorite of mine! For the shell, I just drew an oval the size of the length of the costume, and a smaller one (about half the size) to go under it. I used white knit fabric to make the tubing that goes around the shell. To make the tubing I folded a length of fabric in half, sewed a straight line down the fabric, and then stuffed it like a sausage. I didn't really use measurements here, just went by looks. I hand sewed the shell and tubing together, stuffing the shell as I went along. When the shell was done, I hand sewed it to the top of the costume, and ta-da instant Koopa Troopa!

Being that Willy's a yorkie we usually walk him using a harness, but there is no way it's going on with his costume, so we'll be using a collar. And since Willy sports a puppy cut, and is pretty much bald (for a yorkie) the fleece will keep him nice and warm.

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