Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Details details

Just because I'm a stickler for details, I had to give our costumes that extra umph lol. So I made the kids trick or treat bags that look like coin blocks! I did a google search, and found this picture of a quilt and pillow. I used that as my base for my bags.

Each square on the quilt, I made into a 1 inch cube, and went from there. I cut it out of paper first, to use as a pattern. Then I cut my pieces out of orange and black felt.

I made the bags out of yellow felt, and gave the bottoms a box pleat so that they would hold a good amount of candy. Then I sewed on the question marks, and added handles. I don't have pictures of the bags completely done, but you'll see at the big unveiling!

My mom found white gloves at the t-shirt store, and at $1 a pair what a steal! All I did was use some black acrylic paint mixed with fabric medium, and painted lines on them. Ta da, isn't it just great what a few small details can do?

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