Monday, June 15, 2009


So the weather in CA has been really ugly lately. By ugly, I mean cold, with some rain, muggy, and gloomy. All in the last 2 weeks!!! Before that though, we were enjoying some early summer weather in the high 80's and 90's. So going from the hot to the cold, to the rainy, to the muggy, and back to the cold, has gotten us all sick. It all started with the littlest Raymond, he had a cold with a horrible cough. I caught it this weekend, at the end of the weekend Orion and Big Ray caught it too. The only one who seems to be unaffected is the girl. Lucky her! To be honest, I'm really happy she didn't get it. When Olivia gets sick, she gets super clingy x 10, and me being sick, it's not pretty for either of us.

Besides that nothing much else has been going on over here. I went shopping with my coupons last week like usual. I stocked up on pull ups at kmart and took advantage of their double coupons, and another deal they had. I did pretty good. I'm making a few things too, that I'm quite proud of. I'm almost finished with the first nieces fourth of July outfit, and starting to work on the second nieces outfit. Then onto my kids stuff. And I'm actually sewing stuff for me, but that's all technical and stuff. If you want to take a gander at what I'm up to sewing wise you can visit my crafty blog, it's pretty awesome if your into that stuff lol. I'm off to go search out more tissue for my nose and maybe take a nap.

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