Thursday, April 16, 2009

Bad Blogger, Bad!

So yes, I've realized that lately I've been a horribly bad blogger. Bad me, I know. So now that we got my little smack on the hand over and done with, let's move on to all the (maybe?) interesting things I've been up to since my last post. Well, Kya has survived and is doing quite well! I took her to the vets and I gave her some meds and she overcame whatever was wrong with her. I take her out of her cage and spend time with her more now that she's on her own. I think she's been enjoying the spoiled life though. I still do hope that I'll be able to get her another cagemate soon, but we'll see what comes our way for now.

I enrolled both the boys in baseball, well 1 is in t-ball, but still. They have practice 2 days a week each, and games 2 days a week each, so you can imagine how much time that leaves me. I pretty much live at the park lately. The best is that their always wanting more money, and having us do more fundraisers for something. And I have to do so much time working the snack shack or pay $10 for each missed time. The joys of being a parent! They seem to be enjoying it though, so hopefully we've added another sport to our house other than their beloved soccer. Here's to hoping anyway!

Then I've been trying to keep my head above water with my classes. It's really my absolute last chance at college, and I'm determined to succeed. It was a pain in my keester to go through the petition process to get financial aid to even be able to go back, and I still have to deal with repeating some classes to get a better grade. None of that matters though, because I'm starting fresh again, and I'm already halfway through the semeter and holding steady in my classes. Midterms were hard for me, and I'm pretty sure they dropped my grades substantially. I do hope I pass at least with B's or C's. I'll be happy with that.

I've also been keeping steady with my sewing. I did an amazing summer wardrobe for the Ollie, and I'm planning to start on some summer shorts for the boys in a few weeks. The boys don't need summer clothes just yet, since they have to wear their uniforms to school and that won't finish until June. So I'm still good in that department. I also got to do their Easter outfits, which I like to think came out amazingly! I made the boys some bowling shirts, and the girl a beautiful bubble dress with a big bow sash. And I had the honor of making my 2 nieces Easter dresses as well. So 5 little outfits for Easter were all made last week.

This week I've been out of commission. I started feeling sick Monday morning, and slept most of the day. I woke up with a burning fever, that I fought for 2 1/2 days. I gave in and agreed to be taken to the hospital on the 3rd day. Turned out that it was a good thing I went in, because I have strep throat. So they gave me a bag of IV, a shot of some steroids, and some penicillan to take at home. At least my fever is gone now, but its still painful to swallow. I feel upset at myself for being sick the only week me and my kids are on spring break and had the time to go places. I feel like I cheated them out of thier vacation. But there's always summer!

I didn't imagine I had so much to catch up on, but then again I talk a lot, so this makes sense lol. Well till next time, which hopefully will be sooner than this last time. I'll try to keep up with this thing from now on, but don't hold me to it.

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Dorothy said...

Wow!!! I think you need to post more often. lol!