Friday, February 27, 2009

Study Study!

So, school started for me and I'm in my second week. I'm super excited, and super overwhelmed. I'm taking 15 units, and I think I jumped in head first into the pool of knowledge. There's so much homework! I've been staying up super late to do my homework, because it's impossible to get it done in the day with the kids, and get up early to take the kids to school. I've been going off 3-5 hours of sleep a night. Tonight, I never went to bed. I'm not feeling too bad though, and maybe it will help me get back to normal sleeping hours.

Besides doing homework and studying, I've been spring cleaning! I've systematically taken each room apart (where it looked like it's never been cleaned), and then put it all back. I had couches in the middle of the living room, cushions all over, and paper! You wouldn't believe the amount of paper I found under the couch. And not just random papers, no. Coloring pages! I'm guessing one of the boys was stashing his artwork under the couches for safe keeping. And the amount of pacifiers I found in the couch cushions would amaze you lol. The best though, is when I got to cleaning up the kids play area and I had seperated all the toys into piles. Piles like what were keeping, donating, and trashing. The keep piles were seperated even further into big/outside toys, inside toys, babies, dress up, kitchen toys, etc. So, while I was working on the piles, the kids had to "help" by spreading them even further around. So now I'm going to have to have Ray move the fridge so I can retrieve all the treasures that got pushed under it (cause you know my kids took the bottom grill thingy off and broke it, so we have a space). Today I'm going to work on my bathroom, and then the bedroom. I have big plans for the bedroom! I plan on taking down the crib and setting up Olivia's toddler bed :( Then I have to redo the furniture in there to keep her from climbing the bunk beds.

Oh, and Olivia used the potty! YAY!!!! So I leave you tonight/morning singing the potty song.
"Yes I'm going to the potty potty."

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