Saturday, May 31, 2008

The best sewster

So my ever imaginative kids have decided to call mommy the best sewster lol. I love my new name. I love how proud they are of me when I show them something new that I finished. And I love how they could go on about what they like about what I finish.That being said, my pile of never ending projects is getting pretty high. It seems as though I start more projects than I can finish. I have a few finished, but I am nowhere near my personal goal. I want to have a nice array of things to post in my Etsy shop, but so far have a few dresses half done. Ollie has been super clingy, and made sewing during the day pretty much impossible. All in all though, I think in another week or so I should have everything on my sewing pile completed and be off onto other things. Here's a small preview of what I'm working on

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