Friday, February 4, 2011

Catching up

Two weeks ago, the boys finished up their science unit on the earth, and they did a little presentation in front of my Grandma and Aunt. It was really great public speaking practice, not to mention their self esteem sky rocketed (they were so proud). I had them paint small styrofoam balls to look like the earth, then they made a salt dough stand for it, and a salt dough model of the 4 layers of the earth.

Babe's side is on the left, and Boo Boo's on the right. Ignore the lego men in the background lol, Boo Boo has a HUGE love for those things :)

I got all of the papers from their board online. Here are the links:
Earth writing paper
Earth book
The layers of the earth
And I also found this adorable rap about the 4 layers of the earth

Each of them wrote a small report about what they learned on the writing paper. The little earth book has question prompts, so they answered those. They labeled the 4 layers of the earth on the other paper, and answered some questions. In their presentations, they went into depth about the equator, the poles, the hemispheres, how the earth is a magnet, our rotation, the fact that we spin on an axis, and seasons. I was so proud! Boo Boo needed some prompting to get started, because he was a little nervous and didn't know where to start, but once he got started he was on a roll. Babe was so into this project, that he kept spouting out facts (like how long each layer was, and how far from the surface).

I'm glad I went with my gut, and let the kids explore with this one. Our earth section was only supposed to last a week, but the boys enjoyed it so much that we just kept adding stuff, until it turned into a project (like our butterfly one lol). I think next up will be buying some pots and seeds and seeing what we can grow :)

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