Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Upside down

Yup, that's how my life feels right now. I know it's been a while since I've posted, but life happens, and just changed the way everything at our house is! Let me catch you up to speed a little, so I make more sense.

So since January here's what's been going on (but not necessarily in order). I got a huge order for recital costumes (that went horribly wrong), I just don't want to talk about that lol. My girly turned the big 3, which still bothers me because I was hoping to freeze her at this age forever. My girl had her first recital, and boy was I sitting there nervous as ever (like I was the one dancing), but she did fantastic! The husband got a new job, working for a local water company. We've been waiting for this position to open up for a while now, so now we feel like we can breathe a little more. Now that my hunny has his new job, we've decided to move next year back to our hometown, so I've been cleaning (more like decluttering and tossing out) everything like crazy (which makes my house look more like a disaster), that way when we move it'll be easy as pie!

In May I pulled the boys out of school, because of some serious stuff going on (it's a private matter, that just makes me sick to my stomach to think about). This is a big thing for us, because I just felt like my kids were no longer safe, and I just did not feel good about sending them there anymore. We've since made the decision to homeschool them, which I've thought about for the past few years anyway (just wasn't sure on how to go about it). Everything that's happened recently with our local public school, just gave me the push I needed to look up our options. I signed up for various meetup/homeschool/play groups, because you know the wives tale about homeschooled kids and how badly socialized they are! So as you can see, there's lot's of stuff that's been keeping me busy, and hopefully things will calm back down and I'll be able to get back to blogging regularly.

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