Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Professing my love for Big K

Being a busy mom of 3, sometimes I get well..... BUSY! Last friday I picked up 2 layaways I had at my local Kmart. I didn't bother looking in the bags to make sure everything was there, just sort of assumed since I saw it all go in the box together when I put the layaway on. So yesterday morning, after I take my boys to school, I went to take inventory on what else we needed to get from our lists. Just my luck, a $40 toy was missing! I panicked, and my husband and I ransacked our garage and car looking for it. It then hit me that I didn't see the girl take it out of the box and put it in my bag since it was so large. Were not in any position (as I'm sure no one is), to be losing $40, and my husband said we were just out of luck. Being the optimist I am, I called Kmart to see if it might still be in layaway somewhere. Sadly it wasn't, but the girl I talked to on the phone talked to her manager for me. They grabbed the last toy off the shelf, and held it at the front for me!!

Now that's customer service! I'm so pleased lately with my shopping experiences with Kmart, from double coupons to this..... I'm rethinking where I do a majority of my shopping. Walmart is usually where I go for their low prices, but the employees are rude and never helpful. Kmart, you've earned my praise. I wrote a letter last night to corporate letting them know of my positive experience, and got a response this morning. I'm just happy!

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