Thursday, January 24, 2008

soup weather

It was pouring rain last night and all I could think about was, yes it's finally soup weather. It's so cold and just ewww outside right now. Last night I made home made chicken noodle soup, and tonight I think I'm going to make albondigas. Maybe that's too much soup and I'll just make tacos. Either way were having something with hamburger meat, because I already took it out of the freezer. The rain does something to me, it makes me terribly lazy but terribly cuddly at the same time. I want to lay in bed all day when it rains and just cuddle with my kids. And since it's been so cold I'm shuddering at the thought of paying our gas bill this month. I've been running the heater all day everday at like 75. I hate being cold. I can tolerate being hot by wearing less clothes, but cold just irks me. Maybe today I'll try not to run the heater, because I'll be running the oven. I still have to finish making my Wubbas' monthly supply of baby food. *sigh* I think I have a love-hate relationship with the rain....

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